Yoga Retreat coming 2019 Portugal

Yoga Retreat with Marc St Pierre

Coming in 2019

This retreat is for anyone who wants to slow down, deepen their yoga practice and experience the peace and calm of sea and sanctuary. Each day there will be two classes a day . There will be two classes offered a day. Each class includes meditation, calming breathing techniques and asana (physical postures).

Morning yoga class will be more upbeat, preparing the body for sun and surf and the evening classes will be more meditative and mellow, targeted at relaxing the body and mind.

All are invited, whether you want to do yoga and surf or just practice yoga, be ready for a life enhancing retreat. All levels are welcome!

Retreat Details


Vicentina Portugal

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MEET Marc St Pierre

Marc St. Pierre is grateful to share his joy, enthusiasm, experience, and skill, as a teacher of Yoga. He has been doing so from Australia and Japan, to Germany and Belgium! Wanderlust, Yoga Aid Sydney, and Ram Dass's Maui Retreat are just a few of the events at which Marc had been invited to participate and share his love for yoga. As a teacher's teacher, Marc excels in guiding his students in a potent and playful way to effectively experience the practice of yoga both on and off the mat. Marc teaches on the North Shore of Massachusetts and abroad.

Meals and Acommodations

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Single-Private Bath


Shared Room


Organic linens

Double/Twin Private Bath

Sheep Skin

hand made pillows

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Shared Room


Organic Linens

sheets and towels

Beautiful Dome Light

lots of sun light

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