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Yoga Classes




Here at Yoga Sakti, we offer a variety of different traditions of yoga. We offer over 30 classes a week in varied intensity from power to restorative. By exploring our diverse styles you are sure to find a class that meets your needs. Our experienced instructors can help you cultivate a regular practice. Be prepared to feel rejuvenated!


The word Vinyasa is defined as “breath-syncronized movement,” which means that in a Vinyasa style class, the teacher will instruct you how to move from one pose to another, linking your breath to your movement. These classes are great to strengthen and stretch the body, and also to teach you how to focus on your breath and  yourself. These classes are open to all levels and taught in a 75 degree room.

Hot Power
Power classes are based on flowing sequences to build strength and flexibility in the body. The term ‘power yoga’ does not refer to a set series of poses so every class will be a bit different, but will focus on heating up the body and getting a good workout, cleanse, and to help students find their inner power. These classes take place in a 95 degree room and are open to all levels.

Gentle Beginners
This is specially designed to give  beginners a gentle introduction to yoga. Perfect for those who are working with stiffness, inflexibility or other physical conditions, the weekly class is 75 minutes in duration and includes simple postures, breathing techniques and meditation. only learn Learn the basics of yoga and feel better! No experience is required.

Any practice requires technique. Rather than ‘banging through asana practice’ without knowledge and creating injury, learning the “Basics” of Yoga will support you to enjoy yoga for your lifetime. You will learn the fundamentals of yoga alignment along with it’s greater intention; to co-create a more steady connection to your consciousness and enjoy a life that truly and authentically reflects your spirt. This is a safe, fun and wonderful way to lay the foundations for a transformative practice.

Restorative/Deep Stretch
A Yang/Yin style class balancing elements of heating/cooling, active/relaxing. Alignment-based vinyasa, incorporating longer holds, deep stretches, as well as some yin yoga to get into the connective tissue with a restorative finish.

Vinyasa flow followed by 1/2 hour blend of restorative yoga combined with hands on Massage.

Tap into your inner healer with the use of Restorative Yoga. Relax Deeply with gentle restorative poses, hands on massage, chilled eye pillows and essential oils… Pure Bliss!

Therapeutic alignment techniques blended with fun asana sequences guide the practitioner to greatly expand his/her practice in a physically dynamic, mindful, potent and profound way. Whether you are new or seasoned, you will gain a deeper understanding of how better to serve your practice.

PranaVayu                                                                                                                                                                                                              Classes include traditional breathing practices (pranayama), a full warm-up and cool-down cycle designed to enhance flexibility and muscle recovery, and a fully planned sequence of poses strategically designed to focus on all important ranges of motion. Additionally, as research has shown that a minimum of 12 minutes are required to engage a true relaxation response, every PranaVayu class includes 15 minutes of guided meditation in savasana.



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By Andy Swansburg